Canada News: ‘Vehicle explosion’ at the US-Canada border crossing, 2 dead

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Photo Source: Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

New York [United States], Canada News: According to CBS News, two persons were killed in a “vehicle explosion” at the US-Canada border crossing near Niagara Falls on Wednesday afternoon, according to sources.

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Four US-Canada border crossings in the region have been shut as investigators assess the situation, according to the report.

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wo people were killed

According to various law enforcement authorities who confirmed the information to CBS News, two people were killed inside the exploding truck. Officials have not yet determined the nationality of the two victims who died. 

Approaching from the US side

According to a top US law enforcement officer, the automobile was approaching from the US side. The vehicle was burnt when it collided with the customs station. The cause of the car explosion is unknown at this time.

According to a senior administration official, the occurrence was “more than a freak accident, but we don’t yet have details.”

Mike Guenther, a Canadian visitor visiting New York, claimed he was walking nearby when the event occurred and spotted the vehicle driving in the direction of the border crossing.

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“And he was flying at more than 100 miles per hour.” According to CBS News, “there was a car in front of him, he swerved out, went in front of the car, hit the fence, went flying up into the air… and we saw the fireball, and that’s all we could see, there was just smoke everywhere.”

Closely monitoring the situation: US official

A senior official told reporters on Wednesday (local time) that the White House is closely monitoring the situation following the’vehicle explosion’ event at the US-Canada border that killed two people.

Law enforcement is present and the situation is being looked into, the White House official added. The senior White House official stated, “The White House is closely monitoring the situation, law enforcement is on scene and investigating.”

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