‘US, Canada issues not same’ S Jaishankar on plot to kil Khalistani separatist allegation

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Bengaluru, December 17, 2023: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar differentiated between the US and Canada’s concerns with India over an alleged plot to murder Khalistani separatists on their soil. On Sunday, he stated that “…the two issues are not necessarily the same.”

“When they brought it up, the Americans told us some specific things.” Such challenges can arise from time to time in international relations. So we sincerely told the Canadians, ‘Look, it’s up to you, I mean your choice whether you want us to pursue it, further look into it or not,'” Jaishankar said on Sunday at an event in Bengaluru.

He stated that “if any country has a concern and provides us with some input or some basis for that concern, we are always open to looking into it.” This is what nations do.”

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