UK News: Huge community support for an elderly Sikh woman facing deportation

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London [UK], UK News: Gurmit Kaur, an elderly Indian woman, has received widespread support in her fight to avoid deportation from the United Kingdom. A petition titled ‘Help Gurmit Kaur Stay in the UK’ has received over 65,000 signatures on

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According to the petition, Gurmit has no family, neither in the UK nor in Punjab. Smethwick’s Sikh community has adopted her. “Gurmit applied to stay but has been refused even though she has no family to return to in Panjab, India,” the petition says.

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Black Lives Matter protest

It goes on to describe Gurmit as a ‘kind’ and ‘generous’ woman who spends the majority of her days volunteering at the local Gurdwara. Even during the Black Lives Matter protest, Gurmit was handing out fruits in solidarity.

lived in Smethwick

Gurmit Kaur arrived in the UK in 2009 for a wedding and has lived in Smethwick ever since, according to the petition. She didn’t have enough money to return to India at the time, so she stayed with her son.

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Her husband, however, has since died, and she is now estranged from her children. She has been relying on the kindness of the Smethwick community for shelter and support, and the community has rallied around her, referring to her as a ‘kind aunty’.

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