Canada India News: India at UN calls Canada to take action against ‘extremism’, ‘misuse’ of freedom of expression

India offered three suggestions to Canada “in the spirit of constructive dialogue”.

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New Delhi, Canada India News: Amid the ongoing tension, India has asked Canada to strengthen its legislative framework to combat the “misuse” of freedom of expression to incite violence and stop the operations of extremist organizations during the UNHRC evaluation of Canada’s human rights record.

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This request from India was made as a part of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) procedure, which sees the 47 members of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva periodically review each member state’s human rights record.

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UPR process for the fourth time

During the ocassion, India offered three suggestions to Canada “in the spirit of constructive dialogue”. Canada completed the UPR process for the fourth time on November 10 and received assessments from the UPR working group, which is made up of all UNHRC members. During the current session, 14 nations were evaluated, including Canada.

Mohammed Hussain K.S., an Indian diplomat, stated: “One, further strengthen the domestic framework to prevent misuse of freedom of expression for inciting violence and disallow activities of groups which are promoting extremism.”

Hate Crimes and Hate Speech

In addition, he demanded that Canada “strengthen legislative and other measures to address hate crimes and hate speech” and “effectively prevent attacks on places of worship of religious and racial minorities.”

“Thirdly, terminate the institutionalized bias against children who are members of indigenous communities. and resolve inequalities in every child’s access to services,” the Indian delegate added.

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Earlier, in September this year, Trudeau alleged the involvement of “agents of the Indian government” in the killing of the Khalistani terrorist.

Additionally, New Delhi stopped issuing visas to Canada; but, after a “considerable review of the security situation,” it decided to start issuing visas again for four categories. Notably, the MEA states that Canada has not been able to provide any proof for its allegations of the homicide.

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