Canada India VISA News: Indians troubled by backlog at VISA processing sites in Canada

Mahabir Seth
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Ottawa. Canada India visa news: Due to the rift in relations between India and Canada in the last few months, those who want to come to India are suffering the most. The suspension of visa operations in Canada by the Government of India has created a massive backlog at visa processing sites in Canada. This is forcing Canadians to wait indefinitely to travel to India.

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India’s visa application center had suspended visa services for Canadians in September following increased tensions with Canada. The Indian Foreign Ministry had said that the diplomatic unit had received threats behind this. The Indian government had said that our diplomats are not able to do their work. In such a situation, visa services have been suspended.

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India issues many types of visas

The Indian Embassy in Canada issues many types of visas. The main ones in this are Entry Visa, Business Visa, Tourist Visa, Employment Visa, Medical Visa and Student Visa. In such a situation, due to suspension of visa service in Canada, people who want to come to India for job, business or trade are not able to get visa and have to wait continuously.

A large number of people of Indian origin live in Canada. People who settled in Canada from India are now citizens of that country. In such a situation, they need a visa to come to India but they are not able to come.

Tension started after the murder of Hardeep Nijjar

On June 18, 2023, Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Nijjar was shot dead by unknown assailants in Canada. Nijjar was a declared terrorist in India and was wanted in several cases. He was the chief of Khalistan Tiger Force.

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After the murder of Nijjar, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau had said that India had a hand in this murder. India rejected this allegation outright and also rejected Canada’s demand for an investigation. Since then there is continuous tension between the two countries.

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