Canada India News: Dal Khalsa to Canadian PM: Consider taking Nijjar’s case to International Court of Justice if India is not listening 

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Photo Source: Dal Khalsa's Facebook Page

Ottawa/Chandigarh, Canada India News: Amid the ongoing tension between India and Canada over Khalistani leader Harjeet Singh Nijjar killing, Dal Khalsa, a Sikh organization advocating the cause of Khalistan has asked Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to consider taking Nijjar’s case to the International Court of Justice if India is not paying attention. 

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Dal Khalsa, the Sikh organization advocating the cause of Khalistan, was quick to back Trudeau stating that they have reasons to believe that what the Canadian PM was repeatedly saying was true and a fact. 

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Canadian Sikh activist Hardeep Singh Nijjar

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has recently reiterated his accusation against India for its involvement in the killings of Canadian Sikh activist Hardeep Singh Nijjar on Canadian soil, putting the Indian government led by PM Narendra Modi once again in the dock.

Party’s secretary for political affairs Kanwar Pal Singh said from the day first everyone in Punjab was clear who masterminded Nijjar’s assassination.

Prime suspect is India

 Canadian investigators have vindicated what we have been saying that the prime suspect is India’s third agency RAW, he added. 

He cautioned Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi not to underestimate Justin Trudeau. Moreover, a Prime Minister of a mature democracy doesn’t lie before his parliamentarians, he added. 

Canada in the investigation

Reminding how hundreds of Sikh youth were killed in fake encounters during peak days of militancy in Punjab, he said Nijjar was not the first Sikh who have been killed extra-judicially by Indian security agencies. 

Slamming the Indian dispensation for refusing to cooperate with Canada in the investigation, Dal Khalsa leader said in case New Delhi continuous to refuse to join the investigation, we would urge Canada to consider in referring Nijjar’s case to the International Court of Justice ( The Hague). 

Dal Khalsa leader have asked Indian Prime Minister

Trudeau reiterated that there were “serious reasons to believe that agents of the government of India could have been involved in the killing” of Nijjar. Trudeau further said Canada is a country that will always stand up for the rule of law because if might starts to make right again, if bigger countries can violate international law without consequences, then the whole world gets more dangerous for everyone. 

Taking Trudeau’s fresh statement seriously, the Dal Khalsa leader have asked Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to “truthfully answer” and lend cooperation to Canadian investigating agency to clear the air surrounding Nijjar’s cold-blooded murder. 

Kanwar Pal Singh has appealed to Justin Trudeau

Beside Ottawa, he said India’s closest ally the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken during his two day visit to Delhi too has advised Indian leadership to cooperate with Canada on this serious matter in order to defuse tension. 

At the same time, Kanwar Pal Singh has appealed to Justin Trudeau to take Nijjar’s case to its logical conclusion. 

Canadian government

Referring to Indian high commissioner Verma’s interview with Canadian media stating that neither Canada nor its allies ( five eyes) have shown concrete evidence related to Nijjar’s killing, the leader urged Canadian government to place evidence before the International community in order to checkmate India’s design and duplicity. 

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“Those who masterminded Nijjar’s assassination are more dangerous than the hands who fired bullets on him”, said Mr. Singh. 

Dal Khalsa has appealed to countries included in the five eyes to keep constant eye on India’s extrajudicial operations on foreign soil. 

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