Canada News: Amid diplomatic stand-off, Justin Trudeau confirms attendance at Virtual G20 summit hosted by India

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Photo Source: Justin Trudeau's Instagram account

Ontario (Canada), Canada News: Amid the diplomatic stand-off between two nations, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada will attend the virtual G20 Leaders’ Summit hosted by India. The Canadian Prime Minister’s Office announced Trudeau’s agenda for Wednesday, which includes him virtually attending the meeting.

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Earlier, Canadian Senate Speaker Raymonde Gagne opted out of the G20 Presiding Officers’ Summit of Parliaments, which began on October 12 in Delhi.

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kicking out

On November 12, Justin Trudeau confirmed his claim that India was involved in the execution of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, an Indian terrorist.

Trudeau accused New Delhi of breaking the Vienna Convention by “kicking out” 40 diplomats at a time when his country was working with the former and other global partners to solve the murder.

Indian government agents

“From the start, when we learned of credible allegations that Indian government agents were involved in the killing of a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil, we reached out to India and asked them to join us in investigating this matter.”

“We also reached out to our friends and allies like the United States and others to work on this really serious violation of international law and democracy’s sovereignty,” Trudeau added.

Violate international law

“We are taking this very seriously.” We will continue to collaborate with all partners while law enforcement and investigative authorities carry out their duties. “Canada is a country that will always stand up for the rule of law because if might begins to make right again, if bigger countries can violate international law without consequences, then the entire world becomes more dangerous for everyone,” he had stated.

Trudeau, on the other hand, stated that Canada wishes to “work constructively” with India and that Ottawa “will always stand up to the rule of law.”

Indian diplomat depart

India dismissed the claims as “absurd and motivated,” and expelled a Canadian diplomat in retaliation for Ottawa’s request that a senior Indian diplomat depart.

According to the MEA, Canada has not been able to produce any proof to back up its assertions about the killing.

Last month, Canada pulled out 41 diplomats from India and also halted its visa and consular services in Chandigarh, Mumbai, and Bengaluru consulates in the wake of the Union government’s decision to strip them of their immunity.

Diplomatic strength

This came after New Delhi conveyed its concerns to Ottawa over the disproportionate number of diplomats in India and sought a ‘parity’ in diplomatic strength.

Earlier, in September this year, Trudeau alleged the involvement of “agents of the Indian government” in the killing of the Khalistani terrorist.

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Additionally, New Delhi stopped issuing visas to Canada; but, after a “considerable review of the security situation,” it decided to start issuing visas again for four categories.

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