World News: After knife attack in Dublin, protesters clashed with police, set car on fire

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Dublin (Ireland), World News: Protesters and rioters clashed with police in Dublin on Thursday evening, following a knife attack earlier in the day that injured five people, including three children, according to Fox News.

According to the Irish news outlet RTE, protesters attacked officers of the state police force, Garda, and set a Garda car on fire.

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According to Fox News, the chaos occurred on O’Connell Street and Parnell Square East, where rioters were said to have thrown pyrotechnics and bottles at cops.

The scuffles erupted hours after a knife attack outside a school in central Dublin around 1:30 p.m. (local time) on Thursday.

Emergency medical care in a Hospital

A 5-year-old child is receiving emergency medical care in a hospital. A woman and two children were also injured. According to officials, a 6-year-old girl suffered less serious injuries, while a boy was released from the hospital.

According to Fox News, Irish police have stated that the case is not related to terrorism and that a man in his 50s who was also hospitalized with serious injuries is a “person of interest.”

Definite line of inquiry

The police stated that they had a “definite line of inquiry” and were not looking for anyone else who was involved in the incident outside the school.

“The facts are being established, but the facts are still not clear, and a lot of rumour and innuendo is being spread for malevolent purposes,” Garda Commissioner Drew Harris said at a press conference later that evening.

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Furthermore, the Garda Commissioner stated that the ongoing clashes in the city are unacceptable, calling the public disorder in the city “disgraceful.”

“I wish people would calm down, go home, and allow us to actually conduct our duties and investigations properly,” he went on to say.

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